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    Suits | Mens fashion | Street style @ http://the-suit-man.tumblr.com/

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    This knitted tie makes me a believer! If you don’t own one…just consider it. This look is on point🎯#knittedtie (at styleandtraveldaily.com)

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    source: Danilo Carnevale

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    Friday outfit: camo tie and plaid shirt working in different shades of blue„, / El look para el viernes: corbata camuflaje y camisa de cuadros combinando en tonos azules„,

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    Mixing prints„,the perfect way to begin the Spring / Mezclando estampados„, la mejor manera de empezar la primavera

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    LORO PIANA S/S 2014

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  13. takeitofftherack:

    Details from Barcelona. 

    Suitsupply Jort jacket, Suitsupply flannel, Belisario MTM shirt and Drake’s grenadine tie. 

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