1. watchanish:

    Relaxed Sunday drive.

  3. weareallalright:

    Still olive.

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  6. milanesespecialselection:

    Luciano Barbera, Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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  7. thesnobreport:

    Ralph Lauren Purple Label SS15

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  8. leffot:

    Summer styles, seersucker and spectators. (at Leffot)

  9. leffot:

    Photo shoot of William Abraham socks. Coming soon to leffot.com.

  10. leffot:

    As sexy a wholecut shoe as you will find. Saint Crispin’s with contrast leather lace and piping.

  11. leffot:

    The Dude abides. (at Leffot)

  12. leffot:

    Saint Crispin’s U tip oxford in Horween color 8 shell cordovan. (at Leffot)

  13. leffot:

    Throwback to the time we collaborated with Mr. Wooster.

  14. leffot:

    Corthay samples spring/summer 2015. These and other models will be featured at our Corthay trunk show Oct 9th & 10th. (at Leffot)

  15. leffot:

    Announcing our trunk show schedule for fall 2014. We have a busy October and November planned for you, with special visits from Stefano Bemer and Riccardo Bestetti, plus our first trunk show with Austrian glove maker Thomas Riemer. We’ll have shows with all of our other vendors, too.

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